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Seeing Dobble

Have you ever played Dobble? Its a brilliant game; infuriating at times but fun. It turns out we can learn a lot from Dobble about how to make faster decisions using charts. See more

Capability Clarity

The Capability Canvas is the Measureology way of visualising Capability Maturity Model (CMM) scores. CMMs might not be perfect, but the Capability Canvas helps to reveal priorities for finding valuable causal evidence. See more

When Charts Lie

Could something as simple as the charts we use affect the decisions we make? Yes, according to our Visual Signals survey research. See more

Seeing Brains

I love the comments I get from people who see a Causal Decision Canvas for the first time. Once they get to grips with the cause-effect concept they start exploring the Canvas. They’re drawn into the story of the whole system, the dynamic structure, the feedback loops. See more

Transformation Translation

‘Transformation’ must be near the top of the list of most overused business language. It sounds so grandiose, so important and yet has no universal meaning. Could the hype hitched to this bandwagon even devalue the work of people trying to make the world better? See more

Counting What Counts

Over Christmas the kids decided to count stuff in the house. Perhaps they were bored with their Christmas presents already or were just missing school. Who knows? Is there something we can learn from the experience of a five and seven year old about measuring things? See more

KPI Traps – Can You Avoid Them?

When it comes to improving performance, KPIs are still a dark side of management practice. Illuminated by behavioural economics, intrinsic motivation and systems thinking, how can KPIs be made better? See the warning signs early and avoid these KPI traps … See more

Making Vanguard Visible

How visual analytics from Measureology and the Vanguard Method for service improvement are a powerful combination.  See more

Signals and Noise

Should a person be rewarded or punished for a random event? I bet most people would say “No” and yet organisations do it routinely with their KPIs. Could this be happening right now in yours? See more

Does KPI Accuracy Matter?

There are situations where measurement is rejected with the claim that it isn’t accurate enough. There may be underlying motivations for this resistance – a fear of judgement perhaps – but challenging accuracy could mean that the concept of measurement itself is misunderstood. See more

Do Leaders Drive Mopeds?

Why would software developers think that business leaders want a dashboard like the one on their racing car, speedboat, aeroplane or moped? See more

A Bellyfull of Pie

This chart has been served up on LinkedIn recently and will no doubt have data visualisation purists choking. See more

Better Dashboards : The Critical Few.

Everyone has something they call a dashboard don’t they? As long as there’s a display full of pretty traffic lights and speedometers then the dashboard box is ticked. Well no, certainly not according to Stephen Few, the author of beautiful reference books on the art and science of data visualisation. See more


If you’ve had any exposure to continuous improvement thinking you’ll probably be familiar with the Fishbone Diagram. See more

Seeking Serendipity

Serendipity is finding something valuable by chance, a fortuitous discovery. Serendipity in business could mean tripping over the next Google by accident. Or spotting an opportunity you weren’t looking for in a corporate blind spot. See more

Jump Plots

A Jump Plot is a neat visual way to illustrate the variability in elapsed time between events or steps in a process. See more

Boxing Gloves

Knockout KPIs

KPIs should give a team the feedback they need to drive performance towards some important strategic goal. So why is it that KPIs are so often a bit, er, featherweight? See more