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East Midlands Chamber Membership

The purpose of this visualisation is to help members of the East Midlands Chamber to find out more about other member businesses in the region. This is most useful for planning marketing campaigns; segmenting by geographic area, company sector and number of employees.

More detailed information about individual companies can be found on the East Midlands Chamber Members Directory.

Only members with postcodes in the East Midlands geographic regions are listed and the visualisation is currently based on a snapshot of data from May 2017.

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KPI Traps – Can You Avoid Them?

Yes, measurement is vital for reducing uncertainty and monitoring improvement but its easy to get wrong.

Watch out for these traps and avoid the dark side of KPI dysfunction … See more

Signals and Noise

Should a person be rewarded or punished for a random event? I bet most people would say “No” and yet organisations do it routinely with their KPIs.

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Does KPI Accuracy Matter?

There are situations where measurement is rejected with the claim that it isn’t accurate enough. But challenging accuracy could mean that the concept of measurement itself is misunderstood. See more

Do Leaders Drive Mopeds?

Why would software developers think that business leaders want a dashboard like the one on their racing car, speedboat, aeroplane or moped? See more

6 Deadly Dashboard Sins

Stephen Few is respected for his unflinching critique of poor dashboard design and he inspired me to look at dashboards through a different lens.

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Seeing the Value of EU Law

I was very proud to present my Subsidiarity Scoreboard work at the ECR Group Study Week in Krakow, Poland.

I was inspired by the people I met, especially those MEPs who are so passionate about their work and their dedicated policy advisers. I’m fascinated by the tension between ideological belief and evidence, claim and fact and this is the world they wrestle with daily.

My talk was about Seeing the Subsidiarity Gap; the idea of a scoreboard for making the gap between the predicted and actual added value of EU law more visible. Publishing this Scoreboard could influence the reform of lower value EU laws and even the legislative process itself. Watch the talk below.

I was however struck by another kind of gap; the gap between my own mental models and those immersed in EU law, economics and politics. And yet, in spite of this difference in mindsets and worldviews, how Systems Thinking can be a unifying approach however challenging the domain and context.

The study, sponsored by the New Direction Foundation for European Reform, is described in a bit more detail in the case study.