Seeing a Silent IT Transformation

When an IT function set out to transform itself from an ugly duckling into a swan it wanted to make its ‘Silent IT’ strategy visible to the business.
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Seeing the Value of EU Law

I was very proud to present my Subsidiarity Scoreboard work at the ECR Group Study Week in Krakow, Poland. I was inspired by the people I met, especially those MEPs who are so passionate about their work and their dedicated policy advisers. I’m fascinated by the tension between ideological belief and evidence, claim and fact… See more

BRAND Performance

Client:                        BRAND

Company Type:       Reputation Management Consultancy

To understand weaknesses within the business and introduce time management performance measures.

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Measuring the Local Value of EU Law

Client: NEW DIRECTION – The Foundation for European Reform

Company Type: Non-profit Think Tank

To develop ideas for a Scorecard for measuring the local value of EU law.

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Exploring Bed-Blocking Pressure

A common media topic over the winter months is the increased pressure on the NHS coupled with the snappily-named ‘Bed-Blocking’; patients who are well enough to leave hospital but are still occupying a bed. We might see this attributed to a ‘crumbling adult care system’ caused by ‘sweeping cuts to local… See more

The Traveller Caravan Count

The UK Department for Communities and Local Government publishes a statistical count of the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised traveller sites across England. The count takes place every January and July and includes both ethnic Gypsies and Travellers and non-traditional travellers. This visual storyboard shows how this… See more

The Measureology Research Trail

A visualisation showing the Measureology research journey in book titles, pages and year of publication.   See more

The Candidate Rejection Journey

How do candidates feel about being ignored and rejected? Far from ambivalent.

A new visual insight from Measureology charts the effect of delaying candidate rejection – both explicit and implicit – using the Net Promoter Score. See more

The Candidate Sentiment Slump

How quickly should recruiters give feedback to retain candidate goodwill and protect the employer brand from collateral damage? A new visual insight from Measureology links applicant feedback response time to the Net Promoter Score. See more