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What is a Visible: Sprint?

We like to work in sprints; bursts of effort focused on producing a specific visible output. We then iterate continuously until the value created by the work exceeds the cost.

A Visible: Sprint is a fixed price assignment which normally completes in under a week.

The more we work together, the easier it becomes to scope and deliver Visible: Sprints from one of our 6 service areas.

A Taste of Visibility

If you’re new to Measureology, you may find that one of these 3 common assignments will help to get the ball rolling.

Sprint 1: Visual Management Pack

Do you want to make your management meetings shorter, evidence-based and decisive?

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Visual Management Information means less time wasted trying to make sense of pages of numbers.

You just need to provide us with an existing management pack and we’ll design a visual report for you. We don’t attempt to redesign your KPIs, just make them look better so you can compare business areas, see performance shifts and highlight exceptions.

We use a clear, consistent visual design inspired by Stephen Few – the godfather of dashboard design – helping you to focus on the most important messages.

We build the report prototype in Excel with the aim of distilling the performance of your business onto a single A3 size PDF document.

Sprint 2: Telling a Data Story

If you have a lump of data, why not give us the job of revealing its secrets?

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We can interrogate all kinds of data, turning the screws until it surrenders. You can feed us questions you want answered or leave the exploration up to us.

All you need to do is give us an extract of data from your system(s) or perhaps some survey results. Where are the gaps in your insights? Sales, service, operations, HR, IT, finance?

We start with data mining techniques and then develop these with visual methods, typically using Tableau. We’ll hand over a package which tells a visual story from a new perspective.

Sprint 3: Performance Measure Design

Ever struggled to find a KPI for your team’s STRATEGY? Then look no further.

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We help you to use the pioneering and foolproof method from Australian performance measurement specialist Stacey Barr. A workshop takes your team through the design of a single performance result and up to 3 measures.

This method produces powerful, direct evidence of your own unique performance drivers. These meaningful measures are rarely found in sources of so-called ‘best practice’ KPIs.

This approach also generates more ‘buy-in’ and avoids the negative effects of ‘top-down’ KPIs and targets.