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Why Visible: Strategy?

You’re tackling a challenge.
You need to build shared thinking, see the important strategies, decisions and feedback loops.

What can we do?


Belief-mapping workshops which capture the mental models of the team and their causal relationships. Prioritisation of the strategies most likely to influence goal-achievement.


One-to-one interviews to inject and aggregate thinking from other sources. Option for compiling material anonymously for more equitable workshops.


Translation of existing strategic plans, documents, surveys, statements, mission, vision, values to build workshop material or ‘current state’ strategy maps.

Causal Analysis

Creation of causal strategy models in Decision Explorer and initial directed graph analysis. Identification of causal loops, clusters, hierarchical sets and other structural properties.

Visual Design

Rendering of causal strategy maps with a richer visual interpretation. Fluid, organic layouts and visual encoding of influence and opportunities.

Use of Cytoscape, Gephi and other directed graph visualisation tools for large format print and vector output.

How can we help?

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