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Why Visible: Signal?

You want better performance measures.
You need to show improvement in things which matter.

What can we do?


Assessment of existing KPIs, metrics, reports & dashboards for improvement and decision value.


Refine the language of existing strategies, objectives or improvement initiatives to articulate measureable performance results.

Measure Design

Design of powerful performance measures through the application of the PuMP® method.

Data Collection

Collaboration with data owners to define data collection and publishing regime.

Dashboard Prototype

Design of a prototype reporting pack and/or dashboard using Excel, Klipfolio, Tableau or other BI toolsets. Application of Stephen Few’s principles for information dashboard design. The use of Shewart XmR charts for statistical signal detection.

Refresh & Narrative

Refresh of the prototype dashboard with new data and interpretation of performance signals.

Attendance of board meetings, performance reviews etc. if required.

Options for transition to a managed dashboard service.


Support for building the prototype visual design into a ‘production’ BI platform and self-service handover.

How can we help?

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