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Why Visible: Evidence?

You need to back up your claims.
You want research and marketing content which looks good as well as credible.

What can we do?


Descriptive & predictive mining of existing data and assessment of its value for presenting the message or supporting a claim.


Analysis of other primary and secondary data sources. Monte Carlo simulation and other modelling techniques for probablistic testing of the claim.

Survey Design

Survey planning for the intended purpose, message and decision. The design and tuning of qualitative and quantitative survey questions. Building and running pilots using your preferred survey platform or Fluid Surveys, Survey Monkey or Google Forms.

Survey Response

Helping you to launch the survey and processing and analysis of the responses. Preliminary assessment of the results.


Detailed analysis of survey responses and other data sources. Design of the visualisations and authoring of narrative. Working with marketing or research teams to author white papers.


Support to marketing teams for other campaign activity and content.

How can we help?

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