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Longer articles which express an opinion or comment on research or illustrate the benefits of using Measureology.

KPI Traps – Can You Avoid Them?

Yes, measurement is vital for reducing uncertainty and monitoring improvement but its easy to get wrong.

Watch out for these traps and avoid the dark side of KPI dysfunction … See more

Signals and Noise

Should a person be rewarded or punished for a random event? I bet most people would say “No” and yet organisations do it routinely with their KPIs.

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Does KPI Accuracy Matter?

There are situations where measurement is rejected with the claim that it isn’t accurate enough. But challenging accuracy could mean that the concept of measurement itself is misunderstood. See more

Do Leaders Drive Mopeds?

Why would software developers think that business leaders want a dashboard like the one on their racing car, speedboat, aeroplane or moped? See more

6 Deadly Dashboard Sins

Stephen Few is respected for his unflinching critique of poor dashboard design and he inspired me to look at dashboards through a different lens.

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The Critical Few

Everyone has something they call a dashboard don’t they? As long as there’s a display full of pretty traffic lights and speedometers then the dashboard box is ticked. Or is it? See more

Do Our Beliefs Change Risks?

Ask a psychologist or a Bayesian statistician and they will tell you that risk is subjective. The chance of a big bad thing happening is seen through the lens of the individual, fashioned from their personal experiences and lodged in their mental models. See more