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Believing. Seeing.

What is it?

A talk and a sharing of ideas about how anyone can use causal thinking and evidence to make their purpose and performance more visible.

Who is it for?

For you. We want to share our research and ideas.

These might be most useful for management teams in businesses but we also help individuals and non-profits. If you’re interested just ask.

What’s Included?

  • Causal Beliefs – A Power Within.
  • Shared Mental Models – Building the Borg
  • Network Graphs – The Data Sciency bit.
  • Causal Loop Diagrams – Messy Made Simple.
  • Decision Analysis – Uncertainty Clarified.
  • Visible Feedback – See Better. Be Better.
  • Measures – That Really, Really Matter.
  • Visualisation – Signals & Stories. Not Software.

How to book.

We want Believing. Seeing. to help teams think differently about their strategic purpose and performance measures.

This is a talk about shared thinking not hard selling.

Use the Enquiry form if you’d like an in-house session. The talk will be presented at physical events and (eventually) as a webinar.

Imagine a world where beliefs and behaviours are aligned with a shared purpose with visible feedback about how the system is mastering that purpose.  

Huh? If this sounds like utopian psychobabble then prepare to be surprised! There’s a quick way of making your priorities and performance visible and believable on just a few sheets of paper.

How? By blending systems thinking with better measurement and visualisation techniques.

Is this the silver bullet your business needs?

Maybe. It should at least stir up thinking about where strategy comes from and what performance looks like.

Warning : It could also change the way you see ‘KPIs’ forever, after which there’s no way back…

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